James R

I have been doing GT Fitness 1:1 sessions for several months now and they have been great. I go to the gym 4 times a week and had reached a bit of a plateau. I decided to take up personal training and found that Gav’s sessions have complemented my existing exercise program and really pushed me on. Every session is individually planned to your needs and the constant variation of sessions makes each workout something I look forward to and I have really felt the benefits!

— James R - Personal training client

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Bob F

A fantastic session. Some running, Bodyweight exercises and Tri-Set Training. Gavin is an ideal PT, who talks and shows you through it all. This caters for all levels of fitness. A thoroughly enjoyable session which will put you through you paces, but you'll come away feeling like you've accomplished something

— Bob F - Bournemouth Beach Lodge Classes

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Daniel H

There was a flyer in the Bournemouth beach lodges where we were staying for the long weekend with details and classes of fitness sessions - I signed up for the boscombe beach body workout on the Saturday morning, I thought the class was great, it had everything I needed for a full body, high intensity workout on our little break that made me feel slightly less guilty about drinking and eating the weekend!
It was easy to book online and a good price (I think I got a discount with the flyer too).
I can’t fault the setting.... working out on the sand by the sea on a clear hot day, it doesn’t get better location that that, I know where I would rather workout (my gym is underground in the middle of London).
The equipment was really good, great variation..... for some of the exercises deadlifts, slams, BB bicep curl etc could maybe do with some heavier weights to add quickly.
Good instruction and encouragement/pushing as well.
If/when I return I would sign up again.

— Daniel H - Bournemouth Beach Lodge Classes

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Darren F

Just finished my first early morning PT on Bournemouth beach with GT fitness.

Really enjoyed the variety & challenge he put into the session & I’ve already booked in on one of his group classes.

I must be a glutton for punishment.


– He ensured that my technique was always correct to avoid any injuries.

– He is extremely reliable & punctual – with an exercise routine already planned.

- Fantastic knowledge and great equipment!

I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment, and would recommend Gavin & his team to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

— Darren F - Personal Training

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Cheryl T

I joined the HIIT bootcamp today with Gav He has very good teaching ability and very clear in explaining the exercises and what muscle group your using. He is extremely experience and knows what he is doing. He knows how to adapt your fitness level and ramp u up, in a safe way, while making sure you achieve your goal. This was a great experience, totally different from my Muay Thai training! I really enjoyed myself and I cannot wait for my second session on Thursday. I definitely recommend to all my friends and to anyone! Thanks Gav for today!

— Cheryl T - Hiit Class

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Luke W

Just done my first SGPT session at Durley Chine. Was lucky enough to have a one to one this time with Gav. Big thankyou for coming out just for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the exercises, and I really liked the boxercise. Gav is very knowledgeable in what he teaches and I will definitely be doing another session. Highly recommended.

— Luke W - Small Group Personal Training

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Ellie F

I had my first session today, early morning on the beach, such a great place to workout. Gavin was fab, he explained everything so I understood fully and pushed me but understood my current level of fitness meant I needed to start at a slower pace than some. I am 56 and haven’t worked out intensely for such a long time. I was very nervous but Gavin soon put me at ease and I loved the session. I am excited to see (and feel) my progress over the coming weeks.

— Ellie F 1:1 Personal Training

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— Jemma R .

“I had my first PT session with Gavin this week, it was just the motivation to change up my exercise routine that I need. I had fallen into the trap of doing the same old classes at the gym & my body wasn’t being challenged. Gavin certainly put me through my paces with a great variation of different exercises to burn calories, tone & increase overall fitness levels. Training on the beach is fantastic as I spend a lot of time in an office or in the car! I would highly recommend Gavin’s PT & group exercise sessions, he’s a highly motivating & experienced trainer.”

— Jemma R. 1:1 Personal Training

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— Laura M.

“Just completed first small group pt session on the beach. Beautiful location! Was great to exercise with others of varying levels of fitness. Some of the exercises I was familiar with, some I wasn’t but excellent instruction as always from Gavin and although I thought I might not, ended up enjoying all of it!!! Although this was group personal training Gavin made the session feel personal to my individual needs at all times. Pretty sure I’m going to ache in the morning but dare I say I’m actually looking forward to do it again!”

— Laura M. Small Group PT

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— James B.

“Ive just done my first small group personal training session today at Alum Chine Tropical Gardens!!!. This is an awesome location and GT Fitness has thought the session out so well!!! So many various exercises and hits you in all the right places. Would recommend this to anyone no matter what your fitness level is. Well done Gavin.”

— James B. Small Group PT

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— Daniel E.

“I just had my first small group PT session with Gavin. My girlfriend suggested we go down to and give it a go as she had previously had one to one PT sessions and thoroughly enjoyed them. The group session was well structured with lots of different exercises included. We made good use of the area around Boscombe gardens and the pier. The 45 min session was a well thought out and we were non stop for the full time we were there. I really enjoyed my self and will defiantly be going to future sessions with Gavin.”

— Daniel E. Small Group PT

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