Gavin Tew – Class instructor and Host

Gavin has been working in the gym industry since 2004.  With a wealth of experience in people management, sales, marketing and financial accounts.  Gavin qualified as a personal trainer in 2017 and has made it his mission is to help others achieve their individual fitness and nutritional goals.  Outdoor training is a passion of his and he particularly enjoys teaching classes including all over body workouts and is also a qualified boxercise instructor.  Gavin is determined to make sure these fitness nutrition and wellbeing retreats are fun, informative, professional and will make sure you leave feeling great about yourself both physically and mentally.


Fiona Tew - Host

Fiona is our host and will be the go-to person to make your retreat experience the best it possibly can be.  Fiona has been working in management since 2009 and regularly hosts business development meetings for a large insurance company in Dorset.  As a regular exerciser Fiona has a passion for fitness and is a great believer of thinking and acting with positive intentions will bring you positive results.


Charlotte Mottram – Nutritional Phycologist

Charlotte has a Psychology and Health degree.  She is fascinated by our relationship with food and has developed a weight management programme based on the principles of mindfulness and intuitive eating practices.  Her workshops help you understand how movement and mindfulness can support a healthier, well balanced life.  You will come away with the tools and knowledge to be able to achieve this,


Anna P – Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Anna is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and all types of movement enthusiast. She believes in a holistic approach to wellness and teaches how to create more freedom in our lives, using: movement, breathing and meditation. Her yoga sessions are tailor made for the group’s ability, however always leaving a food for thought with what is fixed and what is fluid in the body and mind.


Dr Sabrina Amar Ph.D – Nutritionist, Yoga & Meditation instructor and Wellbeing coach

Sabrina teaches vinyasa, hot vinyasa and yin yoga. She is also a scientist with over 10-year experience in cancer research. Her Ph. D in epigenetics (how your environment changes your gene expression), got her to think that surely there must be better ways, perhaps not to cure diseases but certainly prevent a lot of conditions influenced by life choices or circumstances. Sabrina is now a wellness coach and mediation/ mindfulness teacher and will show you that implementing small life changes can go a long way, on your journey to a healthier you.